Our company

Our company has introduced a comprehensive range of cables and wires. A strong distribution network covering wholesale markets in Egypt.

The company is proud

The company is proud of the trust that its customers attach to its products, and that the Egyptian-Italian company\\\'s cables are used to supply most of the new residential buildings inside the Arab Republic of Egypt with wires.

We have a modern

We have a modern cable and wire factory and manufacture a wide range of high quality products.

The company firmly believes

The company firmly believes that quality is the most important factor throughout the manufacturing process in order to obtain safe and reliable products.

The cables and wires

The cables and wires of our company are the products chosen by many important projects within the Egyptian country.

Our goal is to maintain excellence

Quality Our principle and upgrading the level of the Egyptian product is our goal to bring it to the world Our policy is innovation Our goal is to maintain excellence Our permanent position is the summit


Electrical Wire

Thermo Plast different colors Thermo Plast Cable 3 x 3 mm Green Thermo Plast Cable 2 x 3 mm Yellow

Electric fry

Manufacture and supply of cable fiber for all electrical devices

PVC cables insulated with polyvinyl chloride

This type of cable is used in low voltage only and because it is mentioned by the P.V.C material It has a refractive voltage up to 1 kV only so it is used in low voltage only. From: -P.V.C The low-voltage cable is composed of an insulated beam Mosul It is colored in red, yellow, blue, white, or black (Filler) + bond or compound Vazat. P.V.C outer shell arming

Flexible copper cables

Description: 70 P.V.C is flexible and bears the temperature Copper conductor with a percentage of continuous work.

Single sided copper wire

Used in electrical connections in homes, villas, malls, towers, companies, factories and all contracting works

Wired Wire

The wire is made of red copper hair and is isolated by plastic from one end and then arranged with another end of the same size is a wire component and is used in various simple electrical connections

Braids of various specifications

Braids of various specifications